Bifluorid 10 kit VOCO

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Fluoride varnish for the treatment of dental hypersensitivity


Treatment of hypersensitivity, including

– cervical area and crown margins

– sensitivity after professional cleaning and calculus removal

– tooth surfaces after preparation and / or grinding

– worn occlusal surfaces and teeth carrying clasps

– after injury of the enamel (e.g. fractures, chips)

– sealing cavity margins after restoration, especially after the etching technique has been employed

– as a dentine protection / lining under amalgam fillings


• Immediately desensitising

• Formation of a protective coat against thermal and mechanical influences

• Transparent – no discolouration of teeth

• Special varnish base reinforces long-term effect and deep fluoridation

• Economical and simple – high yield, low cost, fast application

• Dries quickly

• Colophony-free

• Contains 5 % sodium fluoride (equal to 22,600 ppm fluoride) and 5 % calcium fluoride

CONTENT: Bottle 4 g, Solvent bottle 10 ml