SILK LORCA MARIN TC-10 3/0 needle Matte 1/2 12 units

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The Lorca Marin silk suture is a natural suture. DO NOT absorb it. Locked black for better visibility in the surgical field. It is recommended for periods of less than 7 days. Its use is indicated in any surgical application. Total and partial repayments and periodic interventions. And also in implantology to facilitate or not. This suture is accompanied by Matte Easy-View, an atraumatic needle specific for the dental sector with a design. It is anti-reflective and offers excellent visualization in the surgical field. Highly resistant to bending and breaking. With a 90cm compression length and EP: 2. A box of silk suture TC-10 with Matte Easy-View needles from Lorca Marin contains 12 units.