Endodontics: Save your teeth from extraction

Deep dental caries, trauma and repeated interventions are the main reasons why your dentist may recommend a endodontics in order to save your teeth. Know more about this treatment and learn how to prevent it.

Dental Plans: The perfect alternative to dental insurance

Dental insurance offers limited dental treatments that often require prior authorization and some include co-payments. Find out why dental plans are the ideal alternative for taking care of your dental health.

Do you have an emergency consultation during the COVID-19 contingency?

Continue caring your mouth despite the contingency for COVID-19. If you have a dental emergency, our dental clinics at Wildsmile are available to assist you safely.

Oral Health: daily care

To maintain proper oral health, it is necessary to carry out a series of practices on a daily and methodical basis. Let's see what this condition is about and how it is done effectively.


Dental Plan: Why do you need one

by Wildsmile

Taking care of your oral health is as important as the rest of your body, and unlike many people think, it is easier and cheaper with a Dental Plan. In this way, it is easier to maintain the health of your mouth and prevent any disease, and you can take advantage of all the economic benefits to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your teeth.

What does a Dental Plan is?

For an annual or monthly payment you will have access to multiple benefits and treatments such as: consultations, dental cleanings, tooth extraction, dental whitening, x-rays, endodontics, orthodontics, prosthesis and dental implants, just to mention a few. One of the best benefits when having a dental plan, is for your economy, since many treatments are completely free or with a very attractive discount.

Is health insurance the same as a dental plan?

Many people believe that having a health care provider is enough to keep their mouth covered, however, they only take care of covering any unforeseen or medical emergencies, such as a fracture, surgery, treatment of diseases, hospitalization and some non-aesthetic dental treatments, leaving aside the prevention and maintenance of our dental health as well as the care of our smile. In this way, the big difference of having a dental plan is that it will cover all types of diseases, traumas and esthetic treatments. In other words, any problem with your mouth will be covered thanks to hiring a dental plan.

At Wildsmile we offer excellent quality dental plans at an affordable price. Thanks to our network of clinics we have contributed to the improvement of the dental health of thousands of people. Performing more than 15,000 treatments and over 7,000 consultations.

Benefits of having a Wildsmile Dental Plan

  • - 3 DENTAL PLANS, choose the one that best suits for you!
  • - Save on all your dental treatments: Over 760 treatments with attractive discounts
  • - Up to 94 dental services included
  • - No limit of usage.
  • - Use your dental plan immediately.
  • - We have a dental clinic near you: more than 500 clinics in Spain and Portugal at your service. YOU CAN SEARCH IN OUR CLINIC NETWORK
  • - The best quality and service in our clinc´s network
  • - Free for children.
  • - No age limit. Your age is not a limitation for having a dental plan!
  • - You can add members to your dental plan, at a very low cost
  • - No pre-existing conditions, meaning you can join any of our plans at any time, even if you have an oral problem that requires immediate attention

Do you want to know more about our Wildsmile Dental Plans? ACCESS OUR WEBSITE, and know more about all the benefits we have for you and your family.

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