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5 signs that you may need an orthodontic treatment

What are the signs that you should take into account to know if you need an orthodontic treatment? In this article we tell you about 5 signs that indicate that you may be a candidate for orthodontic treatment.

How to take care of your baby’s Oral Health

Oral hygiene is one of the habits that will remain with your child throughout life. So, like daily bathing and hair brushing, cleaning their teeth has the same or even much greater importance.

Children's Oral Health: What are the most important dental treatments?

Taking care of your children's dental health is essential since the first year of life. Thanks to this dental treatments their teeth can grow strong and healthy.

Gum recession: Know its causes, how to avoid it and treatment

Healthy gums embrace or cover the base of the tooth firmly, with gum recession, the tooth is left unprotected. Know how to treat this condition and avoid more serious problems.


Ashamed of your smile? Discover these dental treatments that will improve your smile

by Wildsmile

Nowadays there are many options in dental treatments whose objective is not only to improve our health or functionality in the mouth but also to help us show off a beautiful smile, which many times we hide out of embarrassment, caused by some imperfection in our mouth. Did you know that these oral problems have a solution?

Dental aesthetics is a sub-speciality of dentistry that is responsible for providing harmony and beauty to our smile; there is a specialized treatment for each need, below we tell you some of the most used aesthetic procedures.

Dental treatments that will improve your smile


Do you show your gums a lot when you smile or are your teeth very short? With this surgical procedure it is possible to correct the size and shape of your gums to achieve a more aesthetic smile. This procedure is usually performed simultaneously with gingivectomy.


Are any of your teeth longer than the others or do they have a different shape? Dental contouring, or ameloplasty, is a dental technique that removes small amounts of enamel from the teeth, in order to give them a uniform shape and size, resulting in perfect, even teeth.

Dental veneers

This kind of aesthetic dental treatment is one of the best options for all those people who suffer from spaces between their teeth, as well as defects in their colouring, malformation, chipped or worn teeth. These are thin porcelain or composite caps or sheets made to measure, which cover the front of your teeth, giving them a natural and aesthetic appearance.

If you want to know more about dental veneers, we recommend you to read: ELIMINATE THE SPACE BETWEEN YOUR TEETH WITHOUT ORTHODONTICS: DENTAL VENEERS

Dental whitening

Do you hide your smile because of yellow or stained teeth? Dental whitening is an aesthetic treatment that lightens the colour of your teeth, achieving whiter and brighter tonalities, having in the short term great aesthetic and self-esteem results.


Aesthetic reconstructions

These procedures are used to restore dental pieces that have suffered some trauma or important caries; they are also used to make little modifications to the teeth either in shape or to enclose small spaces.

Dental implants

This procedure is the ideal option if you have missing teeth and are looking for a comfortable, beautiful and natural smile.



This is the most widely used aesthetic treatment by dentists around the world. Orthodontics is a speciality of dentistry that aims to correct anomalies of the teeth and maxillary bones, obtaining great improvements in oral health, as well as in the aesthetic aspect.

Find out about the types of orthodontics treatments that exist and choose the best one for you: TYPES OF ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT

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