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Oral Health during Pregnancy

by Wildsmile

Pregnancy triggers a series of hormonal changes that can lead to physical problems. With regard to oral health, it is recommended to schedule a consultation with the dentist at the beginning of this stage, since some pathologies are not so easy to detect by the patient when they just begin. The sooner they are diagnosed, the more effective their treatment will be.

1. Frequent pathologies in pregnancy

·         Gingivitis: it is the most frequent of all pathologies during pregnancy. Up to 75% of pregnant women get it. Because it usually appears approximately in the sixth month of pregnancy, it is also advisable to go to the dentist at least once more after the initial consultation. It involves the redness of the gums, which usually swell and bleed. It is generated due to vascular changes promoted by intense hormonal activity.

Treatment: It is solved through dental cleanings in the office. It requires monitoring until it has finally disappeared.

·         Pregnancy tumor: It is a granuloma that grows in an area that has gingivitis. Its development is rapid and, in most cases, it is due to poor hygiene.

Treatment: If the case is not serious, it is usually surgically removed after delivery. Instead, when it poses a threat to periodontal tissue, surgery with local anesthesia is planned during the second semester of pregnancy.

2. Risks of periodontal diseases during pregnancy

Several studies have revealed that the bacteria present in gingivitis or in the pregnancy tumor usually pass through the placenta through the bloodstream and cause both premature delivery and a low-weight baby. Any of these conditions can leave sequels for life in the child.

3. Preventive measures to prevent periodontal disease during pregnancy

·         No smoking (recommendation that will avoid many other serious problems)

·         Schedule a consultation with the dentist before pregnancy if it is planned or at the beginning of pregnancy if it occurred without planning

·         Do not self-medicate under any circumstances: not all over-the-counter medications are suitable for the period of pregnancy.

·         Eat a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables and dairy.

·         Use a soft and fine bristle brush.

4. The role of oral hygiene

Because one of the oral problems of pregnancy, the pregnancy tumor, is directly related to poor hygiene, the importance of devoting the necessary time to this task is emphasized.

Hormonal changes, possible heartburn with its corresponding reflux and vomiting, cause bacteria to grow more in the mouth than at any other stage.

This is a time to change the brush to a truly effective one, to make proper flossing and to brush your teeth after each meal.

It is normal and expected that the pregnant woman relegates this task for certain discomforts that she may experience, but negligence in this regard could put her health and that of the baby at risk.

Remember that the consultation with the dentist should be taken as another control of all that you perform during pregnancy.

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