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Invisible aligner price: is it a worthwhile investment?

by Wildsmile

When it comes to seeking orthodontic treatment options, invisible braces are an increasingly popular alternative to traditional metal braces, due to their aesthetics and comfort.

With the increasing demand for aesthetic and discreet treatment, many patients are asking, "Is the cost of invisible braces really a worthwhile investment?" In this article, we will summarise the economics of this innovative treatment and analyse whether it is a suitable option for correcting dental problems.

Analysing the price of invisible orthodontics

It is important to note that the cost of a removable invisible aligner can vary from patient to patient, depending on individual treatment needs. Some factors that can influence the price are the complexity of the case, the length of treatment, and the clinic chosen. Still, on balance, the price of invisible removable orthodontics is higher than that of traditional orthodontics.

The good news is that there are now several options for accessing this treatment without spending so much money. For example, many patients opt for a dental plan or insurance that offers special costs for their invisible braces. In the case of our Wildsmile Premium Dental Plan, you can save 30% on your invisible aligner, in addition to other discounts on treatments such as whitening, dental cleanings, and crowns, among others.

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Benefícios a curto e longo prazo

Embora o custo inicial do aparelho invisível possa ser maior, é importante considerar os benefícios a curto e longo prazo que ele oferece. A principal vantagem é a estética discreta do tratamento, que permite corrigir problemas dentários sem que o aparelho seja tão visível quanto os tradicionais bráquetes e fios metálicos.

Além disso, os aparelhos invisíveis podem ser removidos durante as refeições e ao escovar os dentes, facilitando a manutenção de uma higiene oral adequada. Isso pode levar a menos problemas dentários ao longo do tratamento, resultando em economia de possíveis procedimentos dentários adicionais.  

Fewer visits to the dental clinic

Another aspect to consider is that invisible braces require fewer visits to the clinic compared to the frequent adjustments needed with traditional braces. In many cases, patients receive sets of clear aligners to change every fortnight at home, which means fewer visits for adjustments and check-ups, as well as saving time.

Long-lasting results

Finally, invisible orthodontics aims to provide long-lasting and satisfying results by minimising the possibility of relapse after treatment. This means that once treatment is completed, the stability of the corrected smile is greater, avoiding additional costs for readjustments.

Conclusão: o aparelho removível invisível é um investimento que vale a pena?

All in all, the cost of invisible orthodontics can be considered a worthwhile investment for many patients. Although it may have a slightly higher initial value compared to traditional braces, the aesthetic benefits, comfort during treatment, and long-lasting results may outweigh this additional cost.

Each patient should consider their individual needs and priorities when making an informed decision about the best option for their orthodontic treatment.

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