Included Services

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First dental consultation
Dental consultation
Consultation for presentation and treatment plan discussion
Reevaluation consultation
Emergency consultation
Urgent consultation in night hours (21:00 to 8:00 a.m.) weekend or holiday
Consultation at home
Travel at home
Sealant repair
Topical application of fluoride
Prophylaxis in adults
Prophylaxis in children
Education and motivation of oral hygiene for adult
Education and motivation of oral hygiene for children
Nutritional advice for disease control in the oral cavity
Anti-smoking counseling for control and prevention in oral health
Restorative polishing in amalgam
Restorative polishing in amalgam and marginal sealing
Restorative polishing in composite resin
Restorative polishing in composite resin and surface sealing
Individualized matrix making
Extraction of deciduous tooth monorradicular
Extraction of deciduous tooth multirradicular
Extraction of tooth monorradicular
Extraction of tooth multirradicular
Wound suture - not Resorpt / Absorbable
Wound suture not operative
Suture Removal
Registration diagnosis in periodontogram
Tartar removal bimaxillary
Tartar removal jaw
Tartar removal mandibular
Tooth polishing
Dental pigment removal jet bicarbonate
Rehabilitation study with implants
Rehabilitation study of implants with computer program
Surgery to place one pillar transepithelial
Surgery for placement of more than one pillar transepithelial (per pillar)
Tooth preparation for removable prosthesis
Proof with wax
Proof metal skeleton
Test with teeth
Tooth preparation for fixed prosthesis crown
Tooth preparation for fixed prosthesis crown pillar
Tooth preparation for fouling
Tooth preparation for false stump spike
Tooth preparation for facet
Preparation for dental adhesive bridge retainer
Jaw printing (standard tray)
Mandibular printing (standard tray)
Jaw printing (custom tray)
Mandibular printing (custom tray)
Prosthesis repair printing
Study models
Intermaxillary record
Cement crown on tooth
Cement crown on implant
Screw crown over implant
Cement bridge on teeth
Cement bridge on implants
Cement screwed bridge on implants
Metal test
Ceramic test
Orthodontic study models
Lateral cephalometric analysis
Frontal cephalometric analysis
Basal cephalometric analysis
Analysis of study models
Execution and interpretation of periapical
Execution and interpreting radiographs
Execution and interpretation of occlusal radiographs
Execution periapical
Execution radiographs
Execution occlusal radiographs
Execution and interpretation of panoramic radiograph
Execution and interpretation of lateral radiograph
Execution and interpreting frontal radiograph
Execution panoramic radiography
Execution lateral radiograph
Execution frontal radiograph
Interpretation panoramic radiograph
Interpretation lateral radiograph
Interpretation teleradiography front
Interpretation axial radiography (Hirtz)
Interpretation anteroposterior radiograph of the maxillary sinuses
Interpretation TMJ radiographic
Interpretation radiograph transcranial
Interpretation transfacial radiographic
Interpretation hand-ray and wrist
Interpretation CT
Interpretation MRI
Intraoral photographic record
Extraoral photographic record
Photographic models record
Photographic imaging tests record
Medical certificate


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