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Dental implants are a very common and effective dental treatment that improves the quality of life of patients; however, many patients cannot afford this type of treatment due to its high cost. Our Wildsmile dental plans provide exclusive pricing on over 760 oral treatments, including dental implants.

Do you know how your dentist will treat your dental caries?

Did you know that 99% of adults suffer from dental caries? If your dentist detects one it will be necessary to eliminate it as soon as possible, as otherwise it will continue advancing to a point of no return.

Take care of your teeth! 5 bad habits that can lead to tooth loss

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The smile that endears

¿Do you know the benefits of smiling?, Do you want to feel comfortable with your smile? Do you have an oral problem that stops you from smiling? Having the smile you've always wanted is possible, find out how in this article!


Problems in your oral health that could affect your sentimental life

by Wildsmile

A smile costs less than electricity and gives more light -Scottish proverb

Having good oral health makes us feel more confident about ourselves, as well as making us enjoy our favourite foods and smile without fear. Having missing, malpositioned, broken, stained or bad breath teeth, not only affects our quality of life, but can also bring us emotional and relationship problems.

Most common oral problems that can affect your sentimental life

Dental advances have made great progress in providing solutions to almost any problem with our teeth. So today good oral health is very possible.

Misaligned teeth

Having badly positioned teeth makes us often feel embarrassed to smile or talk to other people, what we usually do to get out of this situation is hide our mouth or socialize less. To correct our teeth we need an orthodontic treatment. This procedure will make them have a straight and uniform position, as well as a correct bite.

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Yellow teeth

Yellow or stained teeth are one of the most noticeable defects at first sight, and we often associate them with people who do not take care of their teeth and do not have good oral hygiene. This problem often provokes the dislike of others, inhibiting the desire to interact, talk and, of course, kiss. Thanks to a dental whitening or the use of dental veneers you can easily solve this problem.

Bad breath or halitosis

It is a disease that considerably affects our interpersonal relationships and more so with our couple, since the bad smell can inhibit the desire to be kissed or to be close to us or, on the contrary, we ourselves feel ashamed to be close to and kiss our beloved. This, in the long run, affects our relationship.


Lack of teeth

Losing a dental piece is one of the things we would like to never happen to us and even less to be left with that notorious empty space in our teeth. The lack of teeth not only affects the functioning of the mouth but also could affect us emotionally, since it causes us to hide our smile and stop interacting with certain people, even more so if that is that special person you love! Fortunately, dental prostheses and implants are a perfect option to continue sharing and enjoying your smile.

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Oral health definitely goes beyond our teeth and gums, if we neglect it we can be affecting other areas of the body, as well as causing us emotional problems and relationships with other people. If you suffer from any dental condition do not hesitate to go to your dentist to help you solve them!

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