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Types of orthodontic treatment

by Wildsmile

The use of orthodontic appliances is one of the most common treatments used by dentists around the world; thanks to these appliances we can align our teeth and show off a beautiful smile. Nowadays there are several types of orthodontic braces that fit the economic, aesthetic and functional needs of each person. In this article we will tell you about each of them, as well as their main advantages and disadvantages.

How types of orthodontic treatment exists?

When we talk about orthodontics, metal braces probably come to mind, since for many years they were the only on the market. But nowadays there is a great variety in shapes, sizes and materials.

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Metal Braces

Made of stainless steel. They are the most used by children and teenagers because of their effectiveness and great resistance. Nowadays they have a small design that makes them very comfortable, besides that you can add colored elastic ligatures that make them look more fun and personalized. Their great advantage is that they are the most economical and functional solution, however, we could consider a disadvantage that for many, these orthodontic appliances are not very aesthetic since they are noticed immediately when we smile or talk.

Aesthetic Braces

They are made of porcelain or sapphire, they are called aesthetic because they are less perceptible when smiling, but instead they are not invisible, as they are still placed in front of the teeth. Their advantage is that they are less visible than metal ones. Their disadvantage is their durability, since they are made of less resistant materials.

Lingual Braces

Better known as invisible orthodontics, since they are placed on the inner side of the teeth, being imperceptible when smiling. They have great advantages in terms of comfort, since they are made to fit each tooth, as well as the fact that they will be totally invisible during the whole time the treatment lasts. Its great disadvantage is the cost, having a price above 3,500 euros.

Self-ligating braces

They are so called because they do not need the ligatures that are fixed to the arch of the bracket, on the contrary, they do it through an attachment on each dental appliance. The advantage of these braces is that they exert less friction between the teeth and this leads to a better distribution of forces and therefore the treatment is faster. The disadvantage is that they are more expensive than traditional braces with ligatures.

Invisible removable appliance

These are plastic moulds made to measure for your teeth, achieving the desired slide with the help of resin reliefs called attachments. One of their main advantages is that they are aesthetic and comfortable, as you can remove them when you eat, and thus avoid food remains on your teeth. One of the disadvantages is that the price is usually over 4,000 euros, and every time you eat you will have to remove and wash them.

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