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Is it advisable to have a second orthodontic treatment?

by Wildsmile

There are many patients who need a second or even third orthodontic treatment because their teeth have misaligned again, often due to non-use or incorrect use of the retainers.

There are many cases of patients who, despite having had orthodontic treatment, need a second or even third orthodontic treatment because their teeth have misaligned again, often due to non-use or incorrect use of the retainers. In this case, patients will need another treatment, the duration of which will depend on the current state of their teeth. In this case, patients will need another one, the duration of which will depend on the current state of the teeth. Are you wondering whether it is advisable to undergo orthodontic treatment again? Here we tell you!

What causes a teeth crooked again after orthodontics?

There are various factors that can cause teeth to move after orthodontic treatment has been completed:

1. Teeth has memory

Teeth have a tendency to return to their initial position. Teeth require a period of time to stabilize their movement.

2. Inadequate uso or lack of retainers

The most effective method for maintaining orthodontic results in the long term is the USE OR RETAINERS, as teeth have a natural tendency to move. If retainers are missing, improperly worn or broken, the position of the teeth is more likely to be unstable and require a second treatment.

3. Tooth loss

The loss of a tooth at an early age, as well as in adults, causes the other teeth to shift, causing malposition of adjacent teeth.

4. Periodontitis

The loss of bone and gum structure can lead to tooth displacement.

Learn more about periodontal disease by reading: PERIODONTAL DISEASE: AN ENEMY NOT SO SILENT

5. Wisdom teeth eruption

When this happens, in some cases they can "push" the teeth, and therefore cause undesired movement of the teeth.

It is advisable to have a second orthodontic treatment?

The answer is very simple, in most cases a second and even a third orthodontic treatment can be done, but for this to happen we must evaluate all the risk factors, to ensure a successful treatment in the future. Here are the factors to check:

- Roots evaluation. An X-ray is used to check if the roots have sufficient length, without pulp pathology or root absorption.

- Periodontal health. It is examined that the teeth are well-supported by healthy bone and with adequate thickness for the correct displacement of the teeth.

- Bad habits. This is a very important point and quite common, as many times there are bad habits that may have triggered the first treatment and when they go unnoticed, cause the teeth to become misaligned again.

In short, there is no restrictions to undergo orthodontic treatment for second time, as long as your oral health is in good condition. It is also very important to have the appropriate exams, as the success of your new orthodontic treatment will depend on all of this.

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