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Find out how to save on your orthodontic treatment

by Wildsmile

In Spain, the average cost of orthodontic treatment with metal braces is around €2360, a cost that is difficult for many people to afford independently. However, nowadays, price is no longer an excuse for not getting the desired smile. Many people are opting for a dental plan, which for a minimal cost covers all dental specialities with discounts and free treatments, even for the most expensive ones such as orthodontics and dental implants, helping the patient to save up to 50% on their dental treatments. In this article we will tell you how much you can save on your orthodontic treatment with a dental plan.

Save on your orthodontics with a dental plan

Regardless of the kind of orthodontic appliance, whether with traditional braces or invisible orthodontics, it is essential to have previous studies, which, if the patient does not have a dental plan, can cost more than €350.

Intraoral and facial pictures

These images will be a great help in diagnosing possible bone alterations or malocclusions. They are also an excellent tool for checking before and after orthodontic treatment. In most cases they are free of charge.

Lateral X-ray or cephalometry

With these studies the orthodontist will be able to make an initial evaluation of the patient, as well as decide what treatment plan to implement. The average cost of this study is around €100. With a dental plan this study is usually free.

Panoramic X-ray

Thanks to this study we can see if the eruption of the teeth is proper, if there is any interproximal caries, as well as any anomaly that may affect the orthodontic treatment. The average cost of this study is around €100. With a dental plan this study is usually free.

Determination of bone density

This is a parameter that determines the good results of orthodontic treatment. Knowing the quality and quantity of the maxillary bones is very important, as the correct movement of the teeth depends very much on this. If there is a lack of bone, there are several risks, such as the loss or abnormal loosening of the teeth. The average cost of this study is around €150. With a dental plan, the estimated cost is €20.

Regular orthodontic visits

Once you have your orthodontic appliance, you will need to visit the orthodontist monthly for a review and adjustment of your treatment. The average cost of these consultations is €55. Bear in mind that on average, orthodontic treatment can last between 1 and 2 years, so we are talking about an approximate cost of €660 - €1,320. If you have a dental plan, you don't have to worry about these costs, as the consultations will be covered with up to 50% discount.

How much you save in your orthodontic appliance?

Metal braces

These braces are the most commonly used by children and teenagers because of their effectiveness and their great resistance. They are the most economic braces, however they are the less aesthetic. Their average cost is around 580€ but with a dental plan the approximate cost is 244€.

Aesthetic appliance

These are an excellent option for people who want a less perceptible appliance. Their average cost is around €850. With a dental plan the approximate cost is €425.

Self-ligating braces

They are so called because they do not need the ligatures (rubber bands) that are attached to the arch of the braces, thus exerting less friction between the teeth, leading to a better distribution of forces. The average cost is around €1,200. With a dental plan the approximate cost of this appliance is 552€.

Lingual braces

Better known as invisible, as they are placed on the inner side of the teeth, being imperceptible when smiling. They have great advantages in terms of comfort, as they are made to fit each tooth. As it is a very advanced orthodontic treatment, the costs are high. The average cost of this appliance is around €2,500. With a dental plan the approximate cost is €1,200.

Invisible removable braces

These braces are becoming an excellent orthodontic option as they are completely invisible and comfortable because they are removable. Their average cost is around €5,000. With a dental plan the approximate cost is €3,000.

It is important to highlight that, as we mentioned at the beginning, dental plans not only cover your orthodontic treatment, but all areas of odontology. In some cases, before braces are fitted, teeth will need to be extracted, have a dental cleaning as well as cure cavities if they exist. These treatments are also included for free or with a discount, depending on the dental plan you have.

As you will see, there are many benefits you get when you sign up for a dental plan. More than 5,000 Wildsmile members in Spain and Portugal have saved more than 50% not only on their orthodontics, but on more than 760 dental treatments. If you want to know more about our dental plans CLICK HERE


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