Dental care, the importance of flossing

Flossing is an essential part of any oral health care routine because it removes food residues and plaque between the teeth, thus preventing dental problems such as cavities, bad breath and periodontal disease.

How to take care of your baby’s Oral Health

Oral hygiene is one of the habits that will remain with your child throughout life. So, like daily bathing and hair brushing, cleaning their teeth has the same or even much greater importance.

Oral Health during Pregnancy

Pregnancy triggers a series of hormonal changes that can lead to physical problems. With regard to oral health, it is recommended to schedule a consultation with the dentist at the beginning of this stage.


Benefits of Orthodontics that you didn't know

by Wildsmile

Every person has a unique and beautiful smile, which unfortunately, sometimes we hide out of embarrassment because of bad teeth. This affects our self-esteem, as it makes us feel insecure, as well as sad, with no desire to share that special smile.

In a previous article we talked about WHAT OTRHODONTICS IS AND HOW IT WORKS. Now we will tell you about its benefits, which range from aesthetic and emotional to functional and physical.

The benefits of orthodontics are immense, since it not only solve esthetical problems with emotional results, but also solve functional and physical problems, which considerably improve people's quality of life. Here we share 5 benefits of orthodontics. You will be surprised by the last!

Emotional benefits

1) Improve your self-esteem

The facial appearance plays an important role in the perception of our visual attractiveness. Feeling proud of our teeth helps to increase our security, helping us to integrate socially.

Aesthetics benefits

2) Beauty and aesthetics

Statistically, this is the reason #1 people go to orthodontics. It is clear that we care about the impression we give to others, and this is not wrong, to the contrary, it is good, because as a result, we feel more confident about ourselves. Thanks to orthodontics, these defects in our teeth can become a thing of the past!

Functional benefits

3) Cleaner teeth

Imagine a messy room, full of things everywhere, and now another tidy room with few things, which one do you think will accumulate more dust? Well, the same thing happens with your teeth, having misaligned teeth helps the accumulation of tartar and food. It also impedes that the toothbrush cleans efficiently all your teeth.

4) Less tooth deterioration

If your teeth are in a good position, your bite will be correct, so there will be no deterioration. When teeth are malpositioned, it makes them clash each other, causing deterioration, a problem that can lead to caries (due to loss of enamel), SENSITIVE TEETH, and mobility of teeth, among other problems.

Physical benefits

5) Back, head and ear pain

Misplaced teeth cause more pressure in the entire mouth area, thus causing the muscles adjacent to the area to tense as well. Remember that everything in our body is intimately connected. When the mouth is tightened, the neck is tightened, therefore the cervicals, and consequently the back. There are many patients who report that by solving their dental problems, their ear, head and back aches are significantly reduced.

Now you know that the benefits of orthodontics go beyond the aesthetic, but cover a wide range of human health. If something is wrong, everything else is out of harmony. If you have an oral problem, go to a specialist to get the necessary treatment to solve it.

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