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I will get a dental implant, will it be painful?

by Wildsmile

Is the placement of dental implants painful? This is a question frequently asked by most patients who are about to undergo implant surgery. In this article, we will answer this question and give you some guidelines to be followed before the actual procedure in order to ensure your success.

To begin with, your dental surgeon will establish a treatment plan for you based on your oral condition and overall health.

Dental implants can involve a much larger initial investment. However, very often, implants are the most cost-effective solution in the long term.

Several months before surgery, it is strongly recommended to stop smoking for better results of the implants in the gums and jaw bone. This is because smoking increases the risk of infection and prolongs healing time. 

Attention: no aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken prior to the operation or in the days before it.

The operation procedure is performed under local anesthesia, as in the case of a tooth extraction. Hence, the answer to our original question: is placing a dental implant painful? Definitely, it is not.

Therefore, we should bear in mind that during the entire procedure, the patient will feel nothing. However, you may feel some pain after the implant is placed and the procedure is finished.

Your doctor will give you guidelines to follow if the implant placement is to be done under general anesthesia. It is important to note that when many implants must be placed at the same time, the procedure is performed in one surgical unit. In this case, the patient is fully taken care of in terms of pain, stress, and safety.

The recovery time after an implant procedure varies from person to person. But you should definitely continue to brush your teeth well and maintain good dental hygiene. This will reduce the risk of post-operative infection.

Should pain persist, do not hesitate to contact your dental surgeon.

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