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Dental Caries, you better detect it on time!

by Wildsmile

Once a dental caries appears, there is no going back. It is essential to visit the dentist to detect and eliminate such problems on time; otherwise, for a dental caries not treated on time, the only solution will be tooth extraction.

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Dental sensitivity - you don't have to have it anymore

by Wildsmile

If you drink an ice cream, drink a coffee or have a comforting soup, they become a torture instead of giving you the pleasant moment for which these foods were created, you suffer from dental sensitivity.

Bad breath - Is it a disease or an indicator of it?

by Wildsmile

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a condition that produces an unpleasant smell inside the mouth and that, when the person speaks, it spreads and is perceived by its interlocutors.

Do you have dental fissures? - Detect and treat them on time

by Wildsmile

The dental fissure is usually a crack that makes its way over the surface or side face of the tooth or molar here. However, sometimes the fissure comes in the form of very small holes.

Periodontal Disease: an enemy not so silent

by Wildsmile

Poor brushing habits can lead to gum tissue infection, making them no longer an effective support. This is where we come across periodontal diseases that can be treated here.