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How to choose the best toothpaste?

by Wildsmile

Choosing toothpaste is not an easy task. In the past, you could only find two or three types of toothpaste on the market, and we didn't care much about their differences. Nowadays, you can find up to 30 types of toothpaste. With such a wide variety, which one to choose?

There are different aspects to take into account, such as the brand, the price, the ingredients... you can also check on the Internet the opinions of customers. This will undoubtedly be of great help to you.

Before you continue reading, you should know that the cooling effect that occurs after brushing is not related to cleanliness, it depends more on the ingredients added to give this feeling of cleanliness.  

Which ingredients consider when choosing my toothpaste?

There are many ingredients in a toothpaste, but two are the most relevant: 


This is an essential component as it helps prevent tooth decay. With every brush, you will be applying Xylitol and spreading it on your teeth, so they can benefit from its properties. Xylitol slows the growth of Streptococcus Mutans, which is a bacterium associated with tooth decay.  


This ingredient has the same properties as Xylitol. However, there is some controversy about fluoride as its ingestion is harmful. However, when we brush our teeth, we do not swallow the toothpaste at any time, so the fluoride contained in most toothpastes is not a problem.  

Fluoride is a natural mineral, you can also find it by F. Its use helps protect your teeth from the acids in food when it degrades. For this reason, it is the best ingredient for brushing your teeth.

Fluoride also strengthens tooth enamel and reverses damage to your teeth already caused by acid.  


Special toothpastes

On the other hand, to choose the ideal toothpaste, you should also take into account your special needs: do you have a lot of tartar, have you ever developed periodontal disease, do your teeth hurt when you eat ice cream?? 

Anti-tartar toothpaste

Whether you have tartar accumulation or not, this kind of toothpaste is always beneficial. It has many ingredients, including fluoride, and some chemical compounds like pyrophosphates and zinc citrate, which are all helpful in preventing tooth decay. If you are also concerned about the health of your mouth, look for toothpaste with triclosan antibiotic.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

Toothpastes for sensitive teeth, either from heat or cold, often contain potassium chloride or strontium chloride. These chemical compounds block the tubules of the teeth, where the nerve of the teeth connects. In this way, "sensitivity is lost".  

Whitening toothpaste

Finally, whitening toothpaste is very popular, although its effects are visible in the long term. They have abrasive particles which polish the teeth or, by bonding with the stains, drag them away and remove them from the surface.

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Teeth Whitening: myths

Teeth whitening is a process that is at the top of its existence. Having white teeth has become one of the aesthetic priorities of many of us. This has led to the emergence of myths about it.

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