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These foods that you eat regularly may be damaging your teeth

by Wildsmile

Ice does not chew

This is a more common bad habit than you might think. Who hasn't chewed an ice cube in childhood? It is thought that because it is made only of water, it will not harm our teeth, but it is proven that solid foods damage the enamel and, in more alarming occasions, they can even fissure them, being thus, an excellent opportunity for the hated cavities.

Citrus are like acid

Did you know if you left a tooth in a glass with lemon juice all night it would disintegrate? Try it and you'll be surprised! Cytrics act like acid, eroding the enamel and staining the teeth. They also make your gums more sensitive. Not only lemons are acids, there are other fruits as well, such as pineapples, oranges, and maracujas. Try not to eat them a lot. Remember that everything in excess is bad.

Candies are like stones

From chewing candy, no one escapes. We've all done it sometime without exception. This habit damages our teeth considerably, since, as they are solids, they can cause a dental emergency, such as a broken or chipped tooth. Moreover, they are covered with sugar, a fundamental ingredient for cavities.

Coffee stains your teeth

If you want to preserve the natural color of your teeth, it will be appropriate to reduce the delicious coffee intake. You may know that the famous French writer, Honoré de Balzac, drank an exorbitant amount of 50 cups a day. Imagine how his poor teeth ended up? As brown as the coffee itself. The damage from excessive consumption goes beyond staining your teeth, but also irritates your stomach as well as your urinary tract. So, if is your case, it is recommended to reduce your consumption!

Soda and its effervescence

Drinking sugary, carbonated beverages causes that the bacteria that causes plaque, use the sugar from this drink to produce acids that damage the tooth's enamel and its hard surface. Remember acidic foods deteriorate your dental health. As a suggestion, when you consume these drinks, you should combine them with natural water, in order to regulate the PH of your mouth.

We don't want to scare you into thinking about not consuming these products and foods anymore. Remember that everything is in the amount. Everything in excess causes problems to our health, take care of your teeth.

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