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Smoking not only affects your whole body, it also greatly damages the health and aesthetics of your mouth. Stained teeth, bad breath, implant failure, cancer and poor healing are some of the most common diseases it can cause.

Teeth Whitening at clinic or at home

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Tooth Whitening: All you need to know

by Wildsmile

Many people nowadays go to dental clinics to have their teeth whitened, being one of the most requested treatments by patients, but what does it consist of, when is it recommended to do it, what is its cost? In this article we tell you everything you need to know about dental whitening.

What is tooth whitening?

It is an aesthetic dental treatment that uses chemical compounds to clarify the colour of our teeth, achieving a whiter and brighter tone, with great aesthetic results and self-esteem. But why do teeth become stained or acquire a different colour from the natural one? In most cases it is due to the excessive consumption of certain substances such as wine, coffee, tea or tobacco. Our teeth can also change colour due to certain medicines we take, as well as inadequate oral hygiene.

It is essential to know that as it is a dental procedure, it should only be performed in a dental clinic.

Types of tooth whitening

Dental Whitening by photoactivation

As its name suggests, it is only done in a dental clinic and the results are visible in less than an hour. Your dentist will cover your gums to protect them with a special cap, then he will apply the whitening gel activating it with a led light. Teeth generally get three to eight tones brighter.

Dental Whitening at Home

This procedure will always be carried out under the supervision of your dentist. Prior to this, your dentist will take some samples of your teeth to make transparent plastic splints on which you will apply the whitening gel at home, with the times and indications that your dentist has given you. Usually, this treatment is applied from 7 to 15 days.

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Possible side-effects

As with any medical procedure, it is possible to have secondary reactions, this will depend on each person:

  • - Oral sensitivity to cold and heat
  • - Cervical reabsorption
  • - Post-operative dental sensitivity

What is the price of a teeth whitening?

This will depend on the type of treatment you have choose. The average cost of a dental whitening in a clinic by photoactivation is 290 euros and 220 euros for a dental whitening at home.

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