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Does your clinic attend emergency dental appointments?

by Wildsmile

In this epidemic caused by COVID-19, dentists, like any other medical professional, will continue to take care of their patients in case of an emergency. At Wildsmile we reiterate our promise to continue to provide our services and to continue to collaborate to bring patients to your clinic, always placing your health, the health of your staff and the health of patients first. For this reason, we offer our patients the modality: "Emergency Dental Appointments", this way, thanks to your help, we will continue providing the specialized dental care for which we have always distinguished ourselves.

Dental Emergency

In this period of epidemiological crisis, the consideration of dental urgency should be limited exclusively to

- Major infections

- Severe pain

- Heavy bleeding

- Abscesses and traumas

Before your consultation

It is very important that when your clinic is contacted by a patient requesting an emergency dental appointment, you make sure that the patient has not shown or has symptoms of being infected with COVID-19, so it is essential to ask the following questions:

- Have you had a temperature above 37.3°C in the last 14 days?

- Have you had any breathing problems, such as a cold, dry cough, breathlessness, or other symptoms such as muscle or headache in the last 14 days?

- Have you traveled to dangerous or quarantined areas in the past 14 days?

- Have you been in contact with anyone confirmed with COVID-19?

- Have you been in very close contact with people with severe breathing diseases in the past 14 days?

If the patient answer "yes" to any of the questions, ask him/her to stay home and to request an evaluation by a doctor to treat a possible infection.

Tips for an emergency dental consultation

A basic principle is recommended: to limit as much as possible the emission of aerosols and splashes.

- Wear disposable clothing: gown, cap, shoe cap, gloves, visor. The use of an FFP2 type mask is recommended.

- Wash your hands before and after contact with your patient, as well as before and after handling any dental material.

- Remember that an appropriate hand wash should last at least 20 seconds.

- Prepare the room in advance so that you have the necessary material on hand.

- Clean and desinfect all surfaces of your clinic before and after the emergency consultation.

- Air the clinic for a few minutes after treatment.

- Be very careful when removing EPI to avoid infection.

If you wish to know in detail all the safety precautions recommended by the corresponding institutions visit your private are and download our Guidebook that we made for you.

At Wildsmile we want to join forces and be a bridge in this period of crisis and uncertainty, providing solutions that will help us to overcome this situation. Together we can do it!

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