Dental Plaque, the worst enemy for the health of your mouth
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Dental Plaque, the worst enemy for the health of your mouth

by Wildsmile

Among the many problems that can affect the health of our mouth is the dentobacterial plaque or dental plaque, which is the main cause of the appearance of caries, gingivitis and the unpleasant halitosis.

What is dental plaque?

It is a layer of bacteria and sugars that agglutinate on the surface of the teeth, both on the front and the back. If you don't have good oral hygiene, this layer will adhere more and more, until it causes real problems, putting the health of your teeth in danger. All this agglutination causes bacteria that develop quickly, producing acids that weaken the enamel of the teeth and, in long term, lead to diseases such as gum recession, tartar, HALITOSIS or cavities.

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How to prevent dental plaque

Having a good oral hygiene, as well as a correct brushing technique, it will be very easy to prevent it. We advise you to take into account the following recommendations:

Good oral hygiene

Brush your teeth three times a day, using a soft to medium bristle toothbrush, since hard bristles weaken the gums.


Floss your teeth after brushing daily, this will remove accumulated food residue between the teeth.


Rinsing removes the bacteria that cause dental plaque.

Visit your dentist

The best advice for prevention is definitely to visit your dentist twice a year. He will explain you how to avoid plaque and if you already have it, he will provide you with the best treatment.

At Wildsmile we encourage you to make regular visits to your dentist a habit. The culture of prevention is the key! Remember that with our Dental Plans, consultations and dental cleanings are free.


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