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Removable dental prostheses: which is better: skeletal or acrylic?

by Wildsmile

One option for replacing missing teeth and allowing the patient to recover chewing function and aesthetics is the use of a removable dental prosthesis, which the patient can remove whenever he or she wishes. This type of prosthesis is recommended in cases where it is not possible to fit a fixed prosthesis, either due to bone rejection of the DENTAL IMPLANTS or for health reasons.


Skeleton removable dental prosthesis

These prostheses, due to their metal material, have better retention and are used when the patient has many teeth. Over the years, their manufacture and design has evolved until they have become very thin and small, but very resistant to movement, food and jaw forces. The functioning of this type of prosthesis is based on a metallic structure with hooks that are placed in the area where there are teeth, so that the hooks perform the function of attachment, in other words, prevent the prosthesis from falling out.

Structurally, it is one of the removable dental prostheses that best adapts to the tissues without damaging or hurting them, as well as being very resistant and long-lasting. Their great disadvantage is their aesthetics, since, by using the previously mentioned hooks and their metallic structure, they are perceptible to the naked eye.

Acrylic removable denture

This type of dental prosthesis is undoubtedly the most widely used in the world today, thanks to its aesthetics and functionality. Unlike skeletal dentures, acrylic dentures are made of a lightweight material called acrylic, which makes them lighter and more aesthetic, however, they are not so resistant. They are recommended when you are using a removable dental prosthesis for the first time and when you have few or none teeth, either in the lower or upper arch.

Which removable dental prosthesis is the best option?

This will depend on each particular case, but in summary we can recommend the use of the skeletal removable dental prosthesis for patients who keep most of their teeth and for patients without teeth in any of the arches, the best option will be, without a doubt, the acrylic type.

If you are thinking of recovering your teeth with a removable prosthesis, we recommend you visit a professional to recommend the best option for you. You can schedule your consultation in our network of clinics HERE.

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