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The best dental insurance for dental implants 

by Wildsmile

When considering dental insurance for implants, many people are aware of the high costs associated with this type of treatment. This is why finding insurance that offers great coverage for dental implants is of utmost importance, so the patient receives their treatment with the best cost-benefit.

The importance of taking out dental insurance that covers dental implants

As dental implants are complex procedures that involve high-quality materials and the expertise of specialized professionals, costs can be high, especially when it comes to multiple implants or more complex cases. However, with proper dental insurance, these costs can be considerably reduced.

By opting for dental insurance that covers dental implants, you can save a considerable amount on your treatments. Insurance will help reduce the costs of implants, such as consultations with specialists, prior examinations, the surgery to place the implants, and other treatments that the patient may need, for example, when you do not have enough bone, you need bone regeneration treatment. In addition, many insurances also provide cover for the dental prostheses that will be placed over the implants.

Characteristics of good dental insurance for Implants

When looking for the best dental insurance for dental implants in Portugal, there are some features you should consider:  

Cover for dental implants

Check if the dental insurance offers coverage for dental implants, including consultations, surgery and dentures.

Price of dental implants

Don't be seduced by the promise that dental implants are included in your dental insurance. Find out about the prices agreed in the insurance and choose the one that suits you best!

Network of dentists and specialists

Check if the insurance has dentists and specialists qualified in dental implants near your location. Having access to experienced professionals increases confidence and quality of care.

Preventive services

Look for dental insurance that also includes regular check-ups, cleanings and other preventive services. These services help maintain good, healthy oral health and prevent future problems.

Transparency in terms and conditions

Read the insurance terms and conditions carefully, checking that there are no limiting clauses or excessive waiting periods. Transparency is essential to avoid unpleasant surprises

How to find the best dental insurance for implants 

We recommend you follow these steps to find the best dental insurance for dental implants:

- Research and compare: Conduct research and compare different dental insurances available on the market in Portugal. Analyze the options offered by different insurers and dental insurance providers.

- Read reviews and experiences: Read the reviews and experiences of other patients who have used the dental insurance you are considering. This will provide insights into the quality of service, customer care and coverage offered.

- Utilize online resources: Take advantage of online resources such as dental plan comparison websites and discussion forums to get additional information and guidance on choosing the best dental plan for dental implants in Portugal.

Wildsmile: the best dental insurance option for dental implants

If you are looking for dental insurance that covers dental implants, at Wildsmile we have the ideal option for you: our Premium dental plan. A dental plan works similarly to dental insurance, where you pay a monthly fee to get access to a network of dentists and dental services for free or with an exclusive price (discounts). 

The main difference between the two is that the dental plan offers the benefit immediately, while in the case of dental insurance some treatments will have to be pre-approved by the insurer, or the patient will have to pay for their treatment in full, and sometime later will be reimbursed by the insurer. With our Wildsmile Premium dental plan, you will have +760 dental treatments at a reduced cost, including dental implants. 

Wildsmile Premium Dental Plan Coverages

Below are some of the implant prices that our Wildsmile premium dental plan includes: 

  • Implant Study: Included free
  • Surgery for implant placement: 462 eur ( 29%)
  • Crown on implant: 372 eur (38%)
  • Implant explantation 70 eur (72% discount)
  • Bone regeneration: 175 eur (47% discount)

Learn more about our dental plans for implants and get your smile back today by CLICKING HERE. Our Wildsmile dental plans offer the best prices on the market for dental implants, quality care, and a wide network of specialized dentists. Don't wait any longer, enjoy the benefits of a dental plan designed for your well-being - join today by CLICKING HERE and smile with confidence!

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