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The best teeth whiteners at the best price

by Wildsmile

Coffee, tea, tobacco, soy sauce, red wine, energy drinks, chocolate, some fruit juices... daily we eat foods that stain our teeth. The solution to this is visiting the dentist, although many people think that teeth whiteners are enough.

Why should you visit the dentist if you want to whiten your teeth?

Teeth whitener cannot make recommendations, it cannot analyze the condition of your teeth, and definitely does not offer you a treatment to fight the stains on them. A teeth whitener will simply cover up the color of your teeth and give them a whiter shade. But if it is a health problem that causes a yellowish color, you will not be able to notice it; on the contrary, by not being aware of it, you will forget about the problem and you may be prolonging the disease. This is why you should always consult a dentist.

At Wildsmile we offer whitening treatments after a brief diagnosis. If it's advisable, we'll let you know the best whiteners so you can take care of your dental aesthetics yourself. And if the stains or loss of whiteness is due to a health problem, we will offer you the best solution and subsequent whitening.  

Are there teeth whiteners available at an affordable price?

Yes, although as you know, cheap always comes at a price. If you are looking for a treatment that is effective for your teeth, that lasts and that does not affect your dental health, it is best not to consider the price, but rather the components and opinions of users and dentists... Otherwise, you could deteriorate your teeth for just a few months of aesthetic improvement.

Some aspects should be taken into account before deciding:  

- Scientifically proven and effective ingredients

- Suitable for sensitive teeth

- Visible results in a short period.  

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Here are some of the most recommended teeth whiteners:  

Whitify whitening kit

This teeth whitener, like many others, contains an LED lamp to activate the whitening gel. One of its strengths is that it has baking soda, rather than hydrogen peroxide, an effective but somewhat aggressive whitening ingredient.  

Thanks to the gel and the lamp, results are visible within 6 days. However, they will never be comparable to a visit to the dentist.

MySmile Whitening Kit

This whitening kit is even faster, users who have tried it say they will see results within 5 days. It reduces up to 4 shades and you only have to apply it for 10 minutes daily. If you add up each day, that's more hours than it would take for a visit to the dentist.

Hismile whitening kit

This whitening kit is priced at over 100 euros. It also has an LED lamp and several gel dispensers. According to advertisers, you can start seeing results in just two days.  

What is the conclusion about the use of teeth whiteners?

There are no good teeth whiteners for less than 100 euros, so it is always more economical and safer to visit the dentist. In-office teeth whitening can be just as cost-effective, the effect will last longer and the process is less invasive.  

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