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The best dental insurance for orthodontics

by Wildsmile

Dental insurance for orthodontics has become very popular. More and more people of all ages are concerned about their oral health and aesthetics. In the end, it has been proven that when we like our smile, we laugh more and more relaxed.

Did you know that laughter is one of the main agents of our health? Those who smile more, release more endorphins, and serotonin... and thus improve their mood and physiological state.

In other words, a person who is happy with their smile will reduce illnesses and complications throughout their life. That is why taking out orthodontic dental insurance as soon as possible is important.

I want dental insurance that covers orthodontics

Orthodontics always comes at a high price, but if you make the right choice and choose dental insurance with orthodontics, you can save a lot. At Wildsmile we have shown that our dental insurance for braces can help you save around 1,500€.

Does insurance cover orthodontics?

No dental insurance policy you pay monthly will cover 100% of the cost of braces. But they can reduce the cost considerably.

At Wildsmile we reduce the price of each service associated with orthodontics in our dental plans. Therefore, we recommend that if you or a family member is interested in orthodontics for health and/or cosmetic purposes, select the Wildsmile Premium Plan. 

Dental Insurance for Braces/Orthodontics

Our best dental insurance for braces is the Premium Dental Plan. Here are some facts about the savings you could make with this orthodontic dental insurance:

  • Orthodontic study 65%
  • Braces, 58% free.
  • Maintenance consultation, 53% free.
  • Removable braces, 48% free.
  • Fixed braces, 56% free.

Where to find us

If you are interested in joining our dental plan to improve your smile, you can do so directly by CLICKING HERE.

We are located in the main cities of Portugal and Spain. You can search associated clinics, CLICKING HERE.

Our best dental insurance for orthodontics

What is the best insurance that covers braces? Wildsmile's Premium dental insurance, there is no doubt about it. In total, if you choose the Premium service, you can save approximately €1,500.

Without Wildsmile the total cost would be €2,658, while with Wildsmile you will only have to pay €1,179. That's why it's the best option and the one we always recommend.

If you want to know some examples of coverage and savings, CLICK HERE

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