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Orthodontics with braces or invisible dental aligners: Costs, duration, advantages and disadvantages

by Wildsmile

When you need an orthodontic treatment it is common to wonder whether braces or invisible aligners are recommended. It is important to know that both treatments are very effective, depending on your needs. So, here are the benefits, disadvantages and costs of both treatments so you can decide which orthodontic treatment is right for you.


Braces or invisible aligners for my orthodontics?

The first step in determining whether you need braces or invisible aligners is, as we always say, to see a specialist, in this case, an orthodontist, who will make a diagnosis and do the necessary studies to determine which kind of treatment is best suited to you and your needs. We recommend you not to be influenced in your decision by the advertising of certain products that promise faster and cheaper results.

What are invisible aligners and how do they work?

Invisible dental aligners have, in principle, the same function as conventional braces, which is to gradually move malpositioned or crowded teeth into the correct position. Invisible dental aligners are plastic splints or moulds made to measure for each patient. In the last few years they have gained a lot of notoriety due to certain characteristics that are quite attractive to patients:

- They are almost invisible

- They are removable

- They allow you to eat normally

- Greater hygiene for the teeth

It is important to know that not all people are suitable candidates for invisible dental aligners, as they are only recommended for those who have a moderate problem of dental crowding, who do not require orthognathic surgery nor premolar extractions. The duration of this treatment will depend on each patient, with a minimum time of 6 months and up to 2 years approximately. Average costs range from €3,000 to €5,000. As you will see, perhaps the only disadvantages of this orthodontic treatment are its high cost and that it is not suitable for all types of orthodontic problems.

Metal or aesthetic brackets

The science and technology of conventional brackets is solid, thanks to decades of improvement they have proven to be a very effective solution to solve problems of poorly positioned teeth, even in the most complicated cases. One of their great advantages is that they have greater power in the displacement of teeth, as they act all the time, unlike invisible aligners that depend on the patient not forgetting to put them on, resulting in a more effective treatment with better long-term results.

The duration will depend on each patient and the degree of crowding, with a minimum time of 1 year and up to 2 years approximately. Their disadvantages are that they make eating and cleaning difficult, as well as being not very aesthetic. Currently there is the option of esthetic orthodontics, however its cost is much higher than that of metal brackets and they are not 100% imperceptible. The average cost ranges from €2000 to €4000.

There is no perfect treatment, everything has its pros and cons. The final result will depend on the sum of several factors. Remember to visit your orthodontist and keep your monthly appointments, this will be very important to get that smile you dream of.

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