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Take care of your teeth! 5 bad habits that can lead to tooth loss

by Wildsmile

Taking care of our mouth must become a priority, not only for a beautiful smile, but for the functionality of all our teeth. Because, by ignoring it, our teeth get sick, leading to various problems that affect our quality of life. In Wildmile our priority is that you have that wonderful smile, that's why we tell you 5 bad habits that can cause the loss of teeth.

1. Bad oral hygiene

It is very important to know that dentists recommend brushing your teeth three times a day, using dental floss and mouthwash. This in addition to having a good brushing technique, avoiding the use of hard bristles brushes, as well as not applying too much force when brushing. The sum of all these actions will keep your teeth clean, preventing them from getting sick.

2. No visitar periódicamente a tu dentista

At Wildsmile we are very interested in making dental visits as a habit, since most people only go to the dentist when they have a problem. Experts recommend dental visits at least once a year, as a way of detecting and preventing oral diseases such as DENTAL CARIES and PERIODONTAL DISEASE, which in its most advanced stage leads to tooth loss. Also, these regular visits to the dentist are recommended for a dental cleaning or prophylaxis, which will help your dentist remove accumulated tartar and plaque. We remind you that, even if you have correct dental hygiene, the formation of this matter is inevitable and can only be eliminated through dental cleaning.


3. Smoking

The consumption of tobacco brings serious affections to your mouth, which are not only aesthetic like yellow teeth or bad breath, but also functional. It is estimated that between 30% and 40% of patients with chronic periodontitis are smokers, this leads to treatments such as dental implants not working properly in most smokers.

4. Excessive soda intake

Will it scare you if we tell you that a liter of soda has about 105 grams of sugar in it? That's the equivalent of 21 spoons of added sugar. As you can see, these are not recommended amounts for either your general health or that of your teeth! Another point against it is that they are very acid beverages, so they affect the enamel notably, leaving your teeth vulnerable to cavities and if we add to this the fact that you don't visit the dentist regularly, the long term problems will be more severe.

5. Not using a mouth guard

This may seem a little strange to you, but it's actually important. You should know that if you do any contact sports, it is essential that you use a mouth guard. "Sports injuries are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults," says British dentist Lyndon Meehan.


In conclusion, tooth loss is the sum of bad habits. If we have a cavity and we don't go to the dentist, it will grow until it is too late to save the tooth. If we have a periodontal disease like gingivitis and we don't treat it with a specialist, we will end up losing our teeth. It is essential for the health of your teeth that you have good habits and visit the dentist regularly, this way you will not only take care of your teeth but also avoid many other dental problems.

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