How to choose the best toothpaste?

Nowadays, you can find up to 30 types of toothpaste. With such a wide variety, which one to choose? There are different aspects to consider, such as the brand, the price, and the ingredients. Here we help you to choose the right toothpaste for you.

Oral health in diabetics

Diabetes affects 200 million people worldwide? This disease and dental health represent a binomial that can end in complications if the necessary measures are not taken.

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Dental plans that include braces

by Wildsmile

Orthodontics have the advantage of helping us to have a healthy mouth, a beautiful smile and teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime; however, this treatment can be expensive, so many people are looking for ways to afford it without having to pay large amounts of money. That's why at Wildsmile we've created three dental plans that include orthodontics, so you can save on your orthodontic treatment, plus over 760 dental treatments!  

Do you already have a dental plan? 

At Wildsmile we offer three dental plans for your braces: Starter, Smart and Premium. You can choose according to your needs, price, the treatments you wish to undergo, how often you visit the dentist, the health of your teeth and gums, among others.    

Naturally, all of them include orthodontic treatment with experienced professionals, quality materials and prices adjusted to you

In addition, as you can see on our website, you will find a Wildsmile partner clinic very close to you.   

But if you already have a dental plan and are interested in knowing which orthodontic treatment is included, you only have to contact us, so we can detail all the steps, prices and possibilities.    

What orthodontic treatment does my Wildsmile dental plan include?

Our dental plans include braces and all the necessary procedures for your orthodontic treatment. Here are some examples of the treatments covered for free or with a discount:  

- Clinical study

- Radiological studies

- Bone age determination

- Check-ups

- Fixed metal brace

- Fixed aesthetic brace

- Fixed self-ligating braces

- Invisible (or lingual) Orthodontics

- Invisible removable braces

You can check the prices of your orthodontics with our Wildsmile dental plan CLICKING HERE

So don't hesitate, if you want to change your smile and get your braces fitted at the best cost, a Wildsmile dental plan is the best option to achieve this! Request more information by CLICKING HERE, or join your dental plan by CLICKING HERE. We promise you the best quality and service in our network of member clinics.

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