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What you should know about wisdom teeth

by Wildsmile

Wisdom teeth can be a serious problem. Find out about their origin, treatment and possible complications.

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The curious story of toothbrush

by Wildsmile

Everything you need to know about the curious story of the toothbrush we tell you here at Wildsmile. A Chinese emperor in love, a sincere maiden and several centuries of experimentation were the perfect keys to its creation.

These foods that you eat regularly may be damaging your teeth

by Wildsmile

In this article we tell you about 5 foods that you didn't know would damage the health of your teeth, as well as your gums. Reduce the amounts and your dental health will improve.

The smile that endears

by Wildsmile

┬┐Do you know the benefits of smiling?, Do you want to feel comfortable with your smile? Do you have an oral problem that stops you from smiling? Having the smile you've always wanted is possible, find out how in this article!

Orthodontics, what is it and how does it work?

by Wildsmile

The objective of orthodontics is to correct misaligned teeth. This treatment lasts an average of one and a half years and includes 7 phases: Study, alignment, correction, space closure, finishing , removal and retention.