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What options do you have to get your teeth back?

by Wildsmile

Are you afraid of smiling? Are you uncomfortable while eating? Today there are many alternatives that can be adapted to the needs of each patient and that will make you look the prettiest, most comfortable and natural smile. Find out about the options

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What are the basic coverages of a dental plan?

by Wildsmile

Nowdays having a dental plan has become a must to take care of ourr dental health and our family's, being the perfect combination between savings and quality. Know more about the main coverages of the dental plans and discover why they are the best option.

Take care of your teeth! 5 bad habits that can lead to tooth loss

by Wildsmile

Did you know that the main cause of tooth loss is caused by periodontal diseases? Here are 5 bad habits you should avoid to keep your teeth healthy

Gum recession: Know its causes, how to avoid it and treatment

by Wildsmile

Healthy gums embrace or cover the base of the tooth firmly, with gum recession, the tooth is left unprotected. Know how to treat this condition and avoid more serious problems.

Dental Implants: Benefits

by Wildsmile

Dental implants are the best option when we suffer a loss of teeth since, unlike dentures, they are firmly integrated into the bone, so the patients can have a more comfortable and normal life, as if they had their natural teeth.