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Fear of the dentist in children: learn how to deal with it

by Wildsmile

Is your son afraid of the dentist? Learn to solve it with this 3 main tips .

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Endodontics: Save your teeth from extraction

by Wildsmile

Deep dental caries, trauma and repeated interventions are the main reasons why your dentist may recommend a endodontics in order to save your teeth. Know more about this treatment and learn how to prevent it.

Dental Plans: The perfect alternative to dental insurance

by Wildsmile

Dental insurance offers limited dental treatments that often require prior authorization and some include co-payments. Find out why dental plans are the ideal alternative for taking care of your dental health.

Why are my gums bleeding? Causes and treatment

by Wildsmile

There are several reasons for bleeding gums, the most common is dental plaque. It is very important to visit your dentist, otherwise you may develop more complex diseases that can even cause tooth loss.

Benefits of Orthodontics that you didn't know

by Wildsmile

The benefits of orthodontics are immense, since it not only solve esthetical problems with emotional results, but also solve functional and physical problems, which considerably improve people's quality of life.