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Problems in your oral health that could affect your sentimental life

by Wildsmile

Your dental health is more important than you think. These problems in your mouth can affect your self-esteem and relationships. We tell you how to solve them

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Dental Plaque, the worst enemy for the health of your mouth

by Wildsmile

Among the many problems that can affect the health of our mouth is dental plaque, which is the main cause of caries, gingivitis and the unpleasant halitosis.

Do you know how your dentist will treat your dental caries?

by Wildsmile

Did you know that 99% of adults suffer from dental caries? If your dentist detects one it will be necessary to eliminate it as soon as possible, as otherwise it will continue advancing to a point of no return.

Types of orthodontic treatment

by Wildsmile

Today, there are several types of orthodontic appliances that suit the economic, aesthetic and functional needs of each person. Learn about the main advantages and disadvantages of each one.

Types of dental crowns: benefits and prices

by Wildsmile

Dental crowns are an excellent option to return your teeth their functionality, as well as being aesthetic and durable. Your mouth deserves the best attention, visit your dentist and get your smile back!