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Side effects on teeth caused by some medicines

by Wildsmile

Dry mouth, tooth enamel damage, stains, and gum problems are some of the adverse effects that some medicines can cause in our mouths. Find out which medicines can cause these reactions and what to do about them.

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10 things your dentist does that you might not know about

by Wildsmile

When we go to the dentist, we usually associate it with routine check-ups, cleanings, and possible treatments. But what you may not know is that your dentist performs a wide range of actions beyond these regular visits. Have you scheduled your next appointment yet?

Does coffee darken your teeth?

by Wildsmile

Does coffee really darken your smile? Find out how you can enjoy your favorite coffee without sacrificing a radiant smile. Get tips for preventing stains and maintaining impeccable dental hygiene - keep enjoying your coffee with confidence!

Recurrent tooth decay, why is this problem?

by Wildsmile

Tooth decay is a common problem, but when it happens again and again, it can be particularly frustrating. Here are some reasons why you may have this problem and how to solve it.

Invisible aligner price: is it a worthwhile investment?

by Wildsmile

Is the cost of an invisible aligner a worthwhile investment? Here we summarise the economics of this treatment and analyze whether it is a suitable option for correcting your dental problems.