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Invisible aligner price: is it a worthwhile investment?

by Wildsmile

Is the cost of an invisible aligner a worthwhile investment? Here we summarise the economics of this treatment and analyze whether it is a suitable option for correcting your dental problems.

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The best dental insurance for dental implants 

by Wildsmile

Finding insurance with coverage for dental implants is of utmost importance to ensure better value for money. Know the covers of the best dental insurance for implants.

Oral Hygiene: Take care of your smile every day

by Wildsmile

A healthy, radiant smile is the result of good oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene plays a key role in preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Here, we share essential tips and information for taking care of your smile on a daily basis.

Dental treatments to restore your smile

by Wildsmile

If you are unhappy with the appearance or function of your teeth, you may want to consider dental restorations. These are dental procedures designed to repair, restore or improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Learn about restorative dentistry treatments and the coverage options for these treatments.

The importance of smiling and caring for our oral health all the time

by Wildsmile

Discover how smiling and looking after your oral health can improve your happiness, well-being, and confidence. Read our article to learn more about the importance of maintaining a healthy, beautiful smile and how our dental plan can help you smile confidently every time.