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Dental Plan: Why do you need one

by Wildsmile

To take care of our dental health is simpler and cheaper with a Dental Plan. Know all the benefits of having one.

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Dental irrigator, the perfect ally for a deep tooth cleaning

by Wildsmile

Do you want to keep your teeth healthy and with an unbeatable feeling of freshness? Having a dental irrigator will help you to carry out a deep cleaning of your teeth at home. Furthermore, if you have dental implants or prosthesis, orthodontics, are diabetic or suffer from halitosis, bleeding gums or periodontal pockets this device will be very beneficial for the health of your mouth.

Does your clinic attend emergency dental appointments?

by Wildsmile

All you need to know if your clinic was requested for an emergency dental appointment during the COVID-19 contingency.

Do you have an emergency consultation during the COVID-19 contingency?

by Wildsmile

Continue caring your mouth despite the contingency for COVID-19. If you have a dental emergency, our dental clinics at Wildsmile are available to assist you safely.

Do you have a dental problem? At Wildsmile we provide you online and emergency consultations.

by Wildsmile

Don't run out of dentists this season! At Wildsmile we provide you online and emergency consultations.