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Take care of your teeth! 5 bad habits that can lead to tooth loss

by Wildsmile

Did you know that the main cause of tooth loss is caused by periodontal diseases? Here are 5 bad habits you should avoid to keep your teeth healthy

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Gum recession: Know its causes, how to avoid it and treatment

by Wildsmile

Healthy gums embrace or cover the base of the tooth firmly, with gum recession, the tooth is left unprotected. Know how to treat this condition and avoid more serious problems.

How tobacco affects the health of your mouth

by Wildsmile

Smoking not only affects your whole body, it also greatly damages the health and aesthetics of your mouth. Stained teeth, bad breath, implant failure, cancer and poor healing are some of the most common diseases it can cause.

Foods that will help you to maintain healthy teeth

by Wildsmile

Discover these 5 foods that help us to have healthy teeth and gums thanks to all the nutrients and vitamins they contain. It is very important to include them in your daily diet!

Dental Implants: Benefits

by Wildsmile

Dental implants are the best option when we suffer a loss of teeth since, unlike dentures, they are firmly integrated into the bone, so the patients can have a more comfortable and normal life, as if they had their natural teeth.