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Types of toothpaste, there's one perfect for your teeth

by Wildsmile

Nowadays there are a wide variety of toothpaste types to choose from. We tell you about the 5 main options on the market so you can choose the perfect toothpaste for your teeth.

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Discomfort when eating due to the lack of teeth?

by Wildsmile

For many people who have lost a tooth, enjoying their favourite food, far from being a pleasure, is a nightmare because of the discomfort and consequences it entails. Fortunately, nowadays there are dental treatments that allow us to eat without problems and with the greatest comfort.

Low-cost dentist? Treat your mouth and save on your dental treatments

by Wildsmile

Taking care of the health of our mouth is becoming easier and cheaper thanks to joining a dental plan, as they guarantee you savings on all your dental treatments. Meet our Wildsmile dental plans!

Wearing a coronavirus mask can cause bad breath?

by Wildsmile

Many people claim to have developed bad breath after this months of wearing covid masks. What do dentists say about this? Here are some reasons why your mouth may smell bad when wearing a mask

Visiting your dentist: the importance of dental check-ups

by Wildsmile

Quantas vezes por ano vão ao dentista? Não o visite apenas quando sentir dor, muitos problemas dentários podem ser evitados se for ao dentista pelo menos uma vez por ano.